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Fuerteventura Car Hire Tip about Easytronic Transmission

Easytronic transmission

This 5-speed transmission is automatic and it combines the advantages of manual gear changes and automatic.

How it works

It automates the use of the clutch and manual transmission changes.

If the driver selects the automatic mode, the box Easytronic will behave as if you were driving a car with hydraulic gearbox. This new system performs very efficiently, offering a sporty drive with low power and even when this degree in automatic mode.

Main components

Electronic selector lever, auto-adjusting clutch actuator and CPU with integrated transmission actuator (consisting of an engine selection or switch) and electronic throttle control. Also, there is no clutch pedal, as the same vehicle is responsible for the shift.


Some additional advantages of this new system is light weight (4 kilos more than a common manual gearbox), reduced space and flexibility that gives the driver the daily traffic situations, including their cost is less than half the price of a box automatically.


A permanent fault in the Easytronic transmission belts of the Corsa and Meriva models is that the sensor device is adapted to a manual gearbox with clutch which measures the turns of the wheel changes electronically has still a clutch system wear that a certain time gives the order to appear on the board a letter "F" and the car will not turn over.

One solution would be to moderate the speed of the clutch wear is not acting on the box Easytronic manual transmission because the clutch wear is what sends electronic information to the board with the famous letter "F" and in this case the car turns off and no longer turn back on.


To make proper diagnosis in this transmission is necessary to have the tool and proper diagnostic equipment, this time use the new module 9260 Easytronic Injectoclean brand for the scanner CJ4 LA.

This module is for diagnosis and reprogramming OPEL cars equipped with Easytronic transmission.

The module of Injectoclean Easytronic 9260 can perform the following diagnostic tests and reprogramming of the transmission:

- Recovery and erasing fault codes. (DTC's)

Data-flow: this option is a very important part of the team, because we can see on screen all data related to the Easytronic system as they are, wear Clutch, brake switch, activated speed etc.

Purge-Clutch. In this test the CJ4 Easytronic scanner motor drives the clutch and through displacement sensor measures the position of the collar with respect to the clutch collar. Besides performing the purging of the hydraulic system.

"Learning from the gearbox. Learning or geometry of the gearbox powering the CJ4 Scantool all changes of 1a to 5-speed and including reverse and fits well the activation of the actuators for speed changes.

-Adaptation of the coupling point. With this test the control module Easytronic factory settings restores the timing of clutch - speed selection.

These tests can only be done with the scanner module CJ4 LA and of Injectoclean Easytronic 9260.

Tools Cedra take care of the distribution of tools and automotive diagnostic equipment, including spark plugs, automotive transmissions, accumulators, type V shaped bands, diagnosis of diesel engines and in various activities related to automotive service, participating in various associations and industry groups auto.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Tourists arriving from cruise to Fuerteventura increases by 12.5%

Fuerteventura in the 2008-2009 season received a total of 65,474 tourists from cruise ships, compared with 58,182 the previous season, which represented an increase of 7,292 visitors, up 12.53 percent.

Also in the first part of the season (January to April 2009), there was also an increase of 2,098 visitors over the same period of 2008, equivalent to 6.8 per cent of the total reported Cabildo de Fuerteventura today in a statement.

The corporation island today welcomed the meeting convened by the Port Authority of Las Palmas in order to publicize the tourism sector insular qualitative and quantitative study on the cruise tourism segment in Fuerteventura, and their relationship with the other Canary Islands .

The president of the Cabildo and the Minister of Tourism, Mario Cabrera and Agueda Montelongo, respectively, were the business manager of the Port Authority of Las Palmas, Juan Francisco Martin, the delegate from the Port Authority in Fuerteventura, Valentín Ruiz, and technical the company to conduct the study, who presented the results.

The audience for this meeting consisted of representatives of the Governing Council of the Tourist Board, the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, the Association of Hotel and Tourism Fuerteventura (AEHTF), the Chamber of Commerce and associations related to tourism cruises, including guides, car rental, taxi drivers and businessmen in the capital, and entrepreneurs in insular leisure offer.

The cruise ship docks, "a hit"

"Since I saw the opening of the new Cruise Ship Pier in Puerto del Rosario less than a year ago, the numbers of boats and tourists who play Port in Fuerteventura have continued to increase, which means that the creation of this infrastructure has been very timely, because it is allowing the island to go, making a hole in the tourist segment that did not exist before, "said Agueda Montelongo.

Moreover, continued counseling after the meeting, "the cruise tourism segment is one of the few who is suffering to the poor economic situation, as evidenced by the fact that last season cruise ships arrived on the island as made with 11 percent occupancy. "

However, as it emerged from the data disclosed by the consultant responsible for designing, Fuerteventura "can improve" on many issues relating to the provision of entertainment and dining that is offered to tourists who landed in Puerto del Rosario from their respective cruises.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fuerteventura Car Hire Rentals for less than £60 on Weekends

In Spain this year, available car hire rentals are far and few between and prices are increasing for shoppers who purchase a rental on the spot instead of make a reservation online. easyJet, the leading low-cost carrier in Europe, and Europcar, the airline’s car hire provider, are offering car rentals to travelers for less than £60 a weekend. This isn’t for just one destination either, as they are offering this price for car rentals in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Arrecife, and Fuerteventura - all travel hotspots for holidaymakers.

easyJet and Europcar can be trusted to provide travelers with the best of flying and booking a car when it comes to taking a holiday in Spain especially to Fuerteventura. The airline currently operates 175 planes on 437 routes to 111 airports in 28 countries, and they also carried more than 44 million passengers in the last year. Plus, the fact that their passengers can directly book car hire services on ensures that they are provided with the best car rental deal and guaranteed availability. Travelers will also be able to find and make their bookings easily on the easyJet website, so there is no reason not to book with them.

Abbie Alter, the travel partnership manager at easyJet, commented on this offer for weekend car hire at less than £60, saying: “This summer, we know our customers have found it difficult to get a car at a competitive price. We are delighted that our partner Europcar consistently offers great value deals for those going to the Canaries.”


Some of the Helpful Online Resources for Fuerteventura Car Hire Especially If You Are From Outside of Fuerteventura.

Just click the links for you to get more information and compare their rates:

An online car hire website that specializes in car rentals, which gives you some very special offers and great rates, just choose the type of car you want to rent and then enter your data and go.

Another online car hire website for Fuerteventura, where you can make your reservation in any other city of Spain, come in and look what they can offer you.

An online car hire website that provides the service of car hire for Fuerteventura, you can also reserve the car for the dates you want and how long you want to rent it.

Amigo Autos:

Online car hire website where you will find variety of cars for rent, go and see the prices and offers available, they also have other services like hotel and flight bookings, etc.

A simple online car hire website but very useful site when renting a car for Fuerteventura, it's fairly easy to use, you can choose to rent the car you really want.


Explore Fuerteventura Through Fuerteventura Car Hire

Fuerteventura is an incredible island with unexplored corners of difficult access, especially for ordinary vehicles, 4 × 4 being the most common car that can get to certain spots. This naturally makes it a destination of great beauty and very attractive to tourists from around the world and especially to the Spanish people who come from the peninsula.

Despite having a good public transport for exploration, a car is essential in Fuerteventura. To rent one, you must be 21 years old and have at least two years of valid driver's license, that is the general rule, however, the rule varies because some Fuerteventura car hire companies are lowering the minimum age to 18 years old, while other Fuerteventura car hire companies require at least 25 years old.

Licenses accepted by Fuerteventura car hire companies are those of the EU countries in general, but some Fuerteventura car hire companies also agree to accept driver's licenses from the U.S., Canada and other countries outside Europe. Most of the Fuerteventura car hire companies offer, as a rule, discounts if the booking is made in advance through internet through their websites.

In Fuerteventura, there are places where ordinary vehicles cannot access, although roads are generally good, often have beach sand, making them dangerous at high speeds. Moreover, the fuel is cheaper than in the peninsula and there are several gas stations along it, however, they may not accept credit card payments.

Inquire with your Fuerteventura car hire company if you can take the vehicle by ferry to the neighboring island of Lanzarote, this allows you to move several islands without having to rent several different vehicles or contacting and negotiating with other Fuerteventura car hire companies.

In Fuerteventura, and the rest of the islands, the major car hire companies are based at the airport of Fuerteventura, where there are both international and local car hire companies like Europcar, Hertz, Avis, where they have strong presence in the island.


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